Article Submission


Are you wondering what is article submission and how it can help your website? Article submission is one of the most popular and one of the oldest link building methods known to the SEO industry. Everyday thousands of articles are being submitted to these article directories by webmasters and SEO professionals to boost the back links of the website under question. If you have a website and if you do not know what is article submission, then it is high time that you learn about this link building strategy and use it to boost your website’s ranking in the search engines. 


Now that search engines give great importance to back links, many link building strategies have come into the industry. Article submission allows the users to submit their articles to the article directories and have live links in the author resource box. Here article directories get free content for their website and webmasters get their free back links. When finding one way back links became highly challenging, article submissions came as a great blessing to the webmasters. They did not mind writing articles rather than sending hundreds of mails to get just one of two links. It is very important that we get good quality back links for our website. All the web masters worked on this premise and article submission was used as one of the major link building strategies. There are hundreds thousands of articles to the name of certain webmasters in the article directories. 


To get your links from article submissions, you will have to first compile a complete list of article directories and start signing up for your free account. After you sign up for your free account, can submit your articles. The articles that you submit will have a title, article body, summary in some cases and author resource text. In the author resource text, you will be able to add your website’s link. It is from the author resource box you will get your back links. Each article submission site will have its own submission guidelines. You will have to make sure that your submissions comply with the article directory submission guidelines. Only when the guidelines are followed, article directories will approve your articles. Without this approval, your articles will not be accessible by the other users or by the search engines. So you will have to follow the guidelines closely so that you get your back links for your website through your submissions. There is no use submitting to hundreds of article directories without getting your articles approved. 


There are couple of other benefits to article submissions. You will be able to send a considerable amount of traffic to your website through article submissions. You will be able to increase your organic traffic count using article submissions. These articles can also feature in the search results independently. This again is another source of traffic to your website. Make use of article submissions to get permanent one way links for your website. 

Finding a good UK article submission company is a taxing task. You will have to review a number of UK article submission companies before you select yours. There are several UK service providers and every company invariably claims to be the best service provider. We cannot blindly take their words for granted because not all of them meet their promises. If you do not do your homework properly in selecting your article submission company, you are very likely to end up a frustrated customer. 

You will have to review your service provider on the following parameters. First of all, you will have to check whether your UK article submission company has the required experience in offering article submission services. they should have enough experience dealing with the article directories. Each article directory is different and all of them like their users to follow strict submission guidelines. Only with experience, your article submission company will be able to abide by those guidelines and make successful submissions. Only when the submissions are successful, you will get your back links. Your articles have to be published before they can be accessed by the other users. 

Your UK ........ provider should also enjoy good reputation in offering professional article submission service. They should complete your article submissions in a timely fashion and keep the entire process search engine friendly. If your service provider does not enjoy good reputation in the industry, it is best to stay away from them. It is not worth taking risks even if you should be able to get their services at a cheaper price. 

The next important factor is the database of article directories. Your article submission company should have a good collection of article directories. The article directories too should be popular and reputed directories. You will have to check whether the article directories to which they propose to submit your articles have good PageRank. Submitting to directories with good PageRank will help boost your website’s ranking fast. 

If you do not consider all these factors, while selecting your UK ...... then you are very likely to lose your money on them as you will be able to see the results only after a few days and by then it will be too late as you would have sent all your payment to them while buying your article submission packages. Though every article submission company is out there to make money, there are some good companies that are also concerned about customer satisfaction. You should identify such companies so that you get the best value for your money. Your UK article submission company should not be there to just get your money, they should also be dedicated to helping you and getting good quality back links for your website.

Many webmasters rush to pick their ....... companies but they end up having trouble at various levels. The directories to which they submit the articles will be of poor quality, they may not follow the submission guidelines, etc.